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Jen 2021-10-07 05:25:13

Synex 더욱 번창하시길 기원합니다.

Synex 2021-10-05 16:46:36

If you leave your information on name card below, special gift - random selection
among Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth keyboard or Wireless mouse –
will be given to 2-3 visitors through the lottery.

*The recipient will be posted on Synex SNS channel within two weeks after the event.

Contact Information

Name : Jejin Lee
Department : Clinical Research Pharmaceutical
Position : Pharmaceutical BD / Sr. Manager
Email : jjlee2@synex.co.kr
Tel : +82-2-6602-3300


Synex is a Full-Service CRO to help you conduct clinical trials in Korea. Our Multidisciplinary expert team will answer your questions clearly about not only for IND approval, investigator recruitment, site selection, IP importation and management but also CMO arrangement, NDA approval, reimbursement listing and market research, etc. Synex can arrange ample opportunities for you to meet MFDS reviewers face to face even before submission of IND application and you can have substantial feedbacks more comfortable.

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