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Otto Damsma 2021-10-01 13:19:49

Bioforum is a data focused CRO with offices in USA, Australia, S-Africa, Israel, and Germany. It has a compelling track record in Data Sciences, which includes clinical data management, data visualisation, statistical programming, biostatistics, and medical writing. As a data specialist, it does not offer clinical operations services. I would appreciate to get to know you and your organisation and explore whether there are opportunities for collaboration. Thank you very much, Otto Damsma

Contact Information

Name : Yunho Kim / Jeongeun Bae
Department : Business Development
Position : BD Director / BDA
Email : kim.yunho@cnrres.com / bae.jeongeun@cnrres.com
Tel : +82-10-2342-2894 / +82-2-6251-1500


C&R Research is Korea's first Full Served CRO established in July 1997. So far, we have about 1600 local and global clinical trial projects experience, including P 1-3 clinical trials for permission, PMS, OS, and P4 clinical trials to drug development consulting, Medical Writing, clinical operation, project management, data management, statistical analysis, CSR writing, etc. We provide it either as an full or as a part of it.

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